Nakaharajyushi Co., Ltd. responsibly works on the development of coherent processes
from development of plastic processing technology, manufacturing of molds, molding,
secondary processing, assembly to delivery.

Product Lineup

Main product family
  • *Precision molding part (tube framework, front rail and others)
  • *3D-shape/appearance molded parts (automobiles, cameras, OA and others)
  • *Secondary processing of 3D-shape molded parts (painting, silkscreen printing, plating, welding and assembly)
  • *Insert-molded parts
  • *Double, 2-color molded parts for automobiles
  • *Prototype manufacturing with mechanical/appearance designing and vacuum casting (provided by our affiliate companies)

Precision parts

Various materials are available including super engineering plastics and special materials. Our main products includes but not limited to tube framework, front rail, focus parts for security cameras, projectors and digital cameras. Various molding materials are available such as PC + GF, super engineering plastics, etc. Our maximum accuracy is μm.

Appearance Parts

Our main products includes but not limited to automotive parts and electronic device parts. As for secondary processing, various processes are available such as painting, laser cutting, printing (silkscreen, pad), plating, vapor deposition and hydraulic pressure transcript. Assembly by welding or tapping screw is also available.


Our main products are automotive parts. Insert molding, double molding and two-color molding.